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How to make a wendy's frosty with paleo ingredients

Hey there,

Welcome to Feast Society.

We’re all about what’s good for you and the un-boring. So you’ll find zero sad desk lunches here. Our recipes are simple and super easy (usually no more than 8 ingredients and 5 steps). And most importantly, they’re body-nourishing and always, always delicious — we “taste” test everything ourselves.

We like sautéed sweet potatoes caramelized in decadent maple syrup. Dark chocolate drizzled over crisp, sliced apples. And think that even kale can be damn delicious, when done right.

We’re big fans of real food like grass-fed meat, pasture-raised poultry, organic leafy vegetables, wild fruit, nuts and seeds. And we believe that refined sugars, grains, and processed food can stay the hell out of our kitchen. Because life is too short to eat bad food.

We like to enjoy everything we do to the fullest, including eating. And we have a feeling you do, too. Welcome to the table.


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